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HoneyGear Introduces New Retractable Cable Cell Phone Mounts at CES 2018

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This year in January at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, HoneyGear was proud to introduce our innovative new designs for cell phone mounts with integrated retractable charging cables.

The product release was the culmination of more than two years of design and product development work.

"With our new HoneyGear product line, we've created a new class of cell phone mounts, phone holders, and phone stands for the car, home or office", said Bob Jordan, CEO of BOM Quote Manufacturing, the company which designed and manufactures the HoneyGear products and owns the HoneyGear brand.

"The key innovation is all our HoneyGear cell phone holders include integrated retractable cell phone cables and are the first cell phone mounts brought to market which can transmit both power and data through the retractable cable mechanism", said Bob.

"We're the first mainly because it requires a comparatively difficult and costly manufacturing process to be successful, while the cell phone mount market is extremely price competitive, so every penny of extra costs counts", said Bob. 

"We are only able to do this because we have such a lean supply chain, owning our own factory and producing all our own HoneyGear products directly, in our own ISO-9001 certified and Apple MFi program factory. Further, we have both design and utility patents pending on the technology in the USA and abroad", Bob added.

"But now that we've successfully done it, our design completely moves the goalposts for what consumers will expect in cell phone mounts offered at our price points moving forward".

The new HoneyGear product release includes three new families of cell phone holders with integrated retractable cables:

HoneyGear Grapple Cell Phone Mounts

The Grapple family is centered around a mechanical grip design for a cell phone holder with integrated retractable cable. It is offered as a base car vent mount model called Grapple Grip and a more feature-rich universal cell phone stand called Grapple Pro, which also comes with the car vent mount adapter.

HoneyGear G-Force Cell Phone Mounts

The G-Force family are magnetic type cell phone holders with integrated retractable cables which are similarly offered in a base G-Force Grip car vent mount configuration and a more flexible magnetic universal cell phone stand called G-Force Pro. The G-Force Pro also has the car vent mount adapter and a suction base for using it as a magnetic car dash cell phone holder or a magnetic car window cell phone holder.

HoneyGear Flux-Field Cell Phone Mounts

The Flux-Field family is a modular magnetic design with a base magnetic mount and a separate portable retractable cable with a magnetic face. The Flux-Field Grip is a car vent cell phone holder with a magnetic portable retractable cable. The more feature-rich Flux-Field Pro can also be used as a car vent mount but also comes with adapters to be used as a magnetic universal cell phone stand with a magnetic portable retractable cable.

All the new HoneyGear mount products will be available in both black and white colors with three different cable type variants including USB Type-C, Micro-USB, and 8-pin for Lightning.

HoneyGear plans to have all the mounts in stock and available for sale in the USA market with an official sales release date of March 31, 2018.

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