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Cell phone batteries never last long enough. This is especially true when they are used in the car with apps for maps, music, and video. We need to keep our cell phones constantly charging while in use in the car.

So we must always carry a charging cable in the car and ensure that it doesn't go missing. Finally, we've had to accept ugly and disorganized cables in our car. A neat freak's nightmare.

Not anymore! We decided to tackle this problem. HoneyGear makes products for people who like to use their cell phones hands-free while driving but don't like the clutter and search for charging cables.

Our core products have top quality integrated retractable charging cables. We also include tidy cable management routers, so you can position your cables perfectly in your car.

Never search for a cable for your car again and break away from the clutter of cables!


We're an American owned product development and manufacturing company headquartered in Hong Kong with subsidiaries in China and USA. 

Our products are assembled and 100% tested in our own factory. We have an ISO-9001 quality certification and are an Apple MFI manufacturer. This means we follow good manufacturing practices with top quality materials and workmanship.

We're also focused on social responsibility. Our factory has passed the Walmart responsible sourcing audit and we're committed to improving the lives of our employees and having a positive impact on society at large.


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